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Дрябжинский Сергей 1bed20fb08 pngquant: update to 2.16.0 2 weeks ago
aom aom: update to 3.1.2 2 months ago
dash dash: update to 2 weeks ago
dav1d dav1d: update to 0.9.2 2 weeks ago
fio fio: update to 3.27 5 months ago
gifsicle gifsicle: update to 1.93 2 months ago
git-lfs git-lfs: upload new 2.13.3 4 months ago
gitea gitea: update to 1.15.3 4 weeks ago
go go: update to 1.17.1 4 weeks ago
i2pd i2pd: update to 2.39.0 2 months ago
imagemagick imagemagick: update to 2 weeks ago
imagemagick6 imagemagick6: update to 2 weeks ago
jpegoptim Update jpegoptim to -r1 12 months ago
libavif libavif: update to 0.9.2 4 months ago
libheif libheif: update to 1.12.0 5 months ago
libzip libzip: update to 1.8.0 4 months ago
optipng Up optipng version to -r1 12 months ago
pngquant pngquant: update to 2.16.0 2 weeks ago
python2 Update python2 patches - up to -r3 8 months ago
tor tor: disable tests 2 months ago
x265 x265: move to community repo 6 months ago