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Дрябжинский Сергей 22edd5efd1 bind: update to 9.16.29 3 hours ago
apache2 apache2: update to 2.4.53 2 months ago
argon2 argon2: up rel, rebuild 11 months ago
bash bash: update to 5.1.16 4 months ago
bind bind: update to 9.16.29 3 hours ago
boost1.77 boost1.77: update patches 2 months ago
brotli brotli: update apkbuild 2 months ago
busybox busybox: disable tests 2 2 weeks ago
bzip2 Update bzip2 to -r2 1 year ago
c-ares c-ares: update to 1.17.2 9 months ago
chrony chrony: update to 4.2 5 months ago
curl curl: revert to 7.80.0 (3.15) 1 week ago
file file: update to 5.41 6 months ago
flac flac: update to 1.3.4, enable sse on x86 3 months ago
gd Update libgd to 2.3.2-r1 1 year ago
gettext gettext: add 0.21 1 month ago
git git: update to 2.36.1 2 weeks ago
gzip gzip: update to 1.12 1 month ago
htop htop: update to 3.2.0 2 weeks ago
icu icu: update build script 3 days ago
imlib2 imlib2: update to 1.7.5 4 months ago
lame lame: move to main repo 6 months ago
libde265 libde265: update patches 11 months ago
libimagequant libimagequant: update to 2.16.0 7 months ago
libjpeg-turbo libjpeg-turbo: update to 2.1.2 6 months ago
libpng Update libpng to 1.6.37-r2 2 years ago
libretls libretls: update to 3.5.1 1 month ago
libsodium Rebuild libsodium - up to -r1 1 year ago
libtheora libtheora: move to main repo 6 months ago
libvorbis libvorbis: move to main repo 6 months ago
libwebp libwebp: update to 1.2.2 4 months ago
libxml2 libxml2: upload 2.9.12 6 months ago
luajit luajit: update to openresty luajit2 11 months ago
lz4 Update lz4 to 1.9.3-r1 1 year ago
lzo Rebuild lzo - up to -r3 1 year ago
mariadb-connector-c mariadb-connector-c: update openssl-dev build dep 6 months ago
mc mc: fix apkbuild for 3.15 1 month ago
memcached memcached: update to 1.6.15 3 weeks ago
mpdecimal Add mpdecimal 2.5.1 1 year ago
musl musl: update to 1.2.3 1 month ago
nano nano: update to 6.3 3 weeks ago
nasm Update nasm to 2.15.05-r1 2 years ago
ncurses ncurses: update to 6.3_p20220115 4 months ago
nghttp2 nghttp2: update to 1.47.0 3 months ago
nginx nginx: update patchset 3 weeks ago
nodejs nodejs: update build script 3 days ago
oniguruma oniguruma: update to 6.9.8 3 weeks ago
openjpeg openjpeg: update to 2.5.0 3 days ago
openldap openldap: update to 2.6.2 2 weeks ago
openrc openrc: update build scripts 2 weeks ago
openssl openssl: up release 1 week ago
openssl3 openssl3: update to 3.0.3 1 week ago
openvpn openvpn: no zstd, add lz4 2 months ago
opus opus: move to main repo 6 months ago
p7zip p7zip: disable tests on x86 3 months ago
pcre pcre: rebuild with -r2 9 months ago
pcre2 pcre2: update to 10.39 6 months ago
perl perl: update to 5.34.0 6 months ago
pigz pigz: update to 2.7 4 months ago
privoxy Update privoxy to 3.0.32-r1 1 year ago
python3 python3: update patchset 6 months ago
redis redis: update to 6.2.7 3 weeks ago
rsync rsync: update to 3.2.4 1 month ago
ruby ruby: update to 3.0.4 1 month ago
samba samba: return back 4.15.5 - last building for 3.15 2 months ago
snappy snappy: update to 1.1.9 6 months ago
speex speex: new upload, version 1.2.0 6 months ago
sqlite sqlite: update to 3.38.5 2 weeks ago
subversion subversion: update to 1.14.2 1 month ago
util-linux util-linux: update apkbuild 3 months ago
xz xz: update patchset 1 month ago
yasm Add yasm 1.3.0-r3 2 years ago
zlib zlib: update patches 4 weeks ago
zstd zstd: update patches 1 month ago
.gitkeep Main catalogs 2 years ago