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Дрябжинский Сергей 5cbcc65fd3 xvidcore: move to community repo 1 year ago
faac faac: split package and libs 2 years ago
fdk-aac fdk-aac: update to 2.0.2 2 years ago
ffmpeg ffmpeg: fix 2 for svt enablement, add svt-hevc support 1 year ago
libmediainfo libmediainfo: update to 21.09 1 year ago
libsrt Add libsrt 2 years ago
mediainfo mediainfo: update to 21.09 1 year ago
svt-av1 Update svt-av1 to 0.8.6-r1 2 years ago
svt-hevc svt-hevc: update to 1.5.1 2 years ago
svt-vp9 Update svt-vp9 to 0.3.0-r1 2 years ago