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20 lines
733 B

Extensions recode and imap can't be loaded together, but they can be build
together, and that's what we want.
--- a/ext/recode/config9.m4
+++ b/ext/recode/config9.m4
@@ -4,13 +4,6 @@ dnl
dnl Check for extensions with which Recode can not work
if test "$PHP_RECODE" != "no"; then
- test "$PHP_IMAP" != "no" && recode_conflict="$recode_conflict imap"
- if test -n "$MYSQL_LIBNAME"; then
- recode_conflict="$recode_conflict mysql"
- ])
- fi
if test -n "$recode_conflict"; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([recode extension can not be configured together with:$recode_conflict])