Poll about continuation of packages building for Ubuntu 12

Continue support of Ubuntu 12.04?

Some packages are not building without errors anymore for Ubuntu 12.04.

Official support discontinued too.

Plus I already not using this release for my projects and virt.machines.

So should I continue build packages for that release? Or it's time to cleanup archive and not waste time for builds?

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New package – php80 – 8.0.2-0sergeyd1.4

New package – php80. Version – 8.0.2-0sergeyd1.4

  • Fixed build for Ubuntu 14 with old gcc-4.8 for arm64
  • New php-modset script version
  • Build without debug symbols
  • Updated dependencies
  • Drop support of Ubuntu 10/12, Debian 7
  • json extension now always built-in and available
  • xmlrpc extension moved into PECL archive and build separately