Poll about continuation of packages building for Ubuntu 12

Continue support of Ubuntu 12.04

Some packages are not building without errors anymore for Ubuntu 12.04.

Official support discontinued too.

Plus I already not using this release for my projects and virt.machines.

So should I continue build packages for that release? Or it's time to cleanup archive and not waste time for builds?

© Kama

Packages for Ubuntu 14.04 for armhf are broken [updated]

Official repository ports.ubuntu.com misses package login (from shadow) for architecture armhf for Ubuntu 14.04.

Because of this debootstrap can’t create build chroot.

Need to wait till repo be fixed.

Package for Ubuntu 14.04 armhf will not be builded.

Update by 2020/01/15: This was problem caused by grep --perl-regexp issue at build machine (Ubuntu 16.04) in debootstrap.

Returned old behavior via grep -E, packages for armhf will build again.