New package – openssl111r – 1.1.1с-1sergeyd1.1

Backport from Debian Buster / Ubuntu Eoan.

Enabled support of architectures armhf and arm64.

Support Debian 9+, Devuan 2+ and Raspbian distributions.

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Package update – openssl102r – 1.0.2r-1deb8u1sergeyd4


  • New version – 1.0.2r.
  • Changed internal library version!

There may be problems with running or executing binaries from packages: php54-mod-openssl, php55-mod-openssl, php56-mod-openssl, php-mod-mongodb, php7-mod-stomp.

You need to wait till these packages will be rebuilded.

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Package update – php70 – 7.0.33-0sergeyd15.1

New upstream version – 7.0.33.

Official End-of-Life – 2019-01-10.

Changes in build scripts and dependencies.

Support of Devuan 2+.

Updated patchsets from Debian and Ubuntu.

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New package – brotli – 1.0.7-1sergeyd1.2

New upstream version 1.0.7.

Updated build deps.

Packages for arm(hf|64) architectures available only for Ubuntu 18, Debian 9, Raspbian 9, Devuan 2.

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