New package – php80 – 8.0.2-0sergeyd1.4

New package – php80. Version – 8.0.2-0sergeyd1.4

  • Fixed build for Ubuntu 14 with old gcc-4.8 for arm64
  • New php-modset script version
  • Build without debug symbols
  • Updated dependencies
  • Drop support of Ubuntu 10/12, Debian 7
  • json extension now always built-in and available
  • xmlrpc extension moved into PECL archive and build separately

Poll about continuation of packages building for Ubuntu 12

Continue support of Ubuntu 12.04?

Some packages are not building without errors anymore for Ubuntu 12.04.

Official support discontinued too.

Plus I already not using this release for my projects and virt.machines.

So should I continue build packages for that release? Or it's time to cleanup archive and not waste time for builds?