Packages for Ubuntu 14.04 for armhf are broken [updated]

Official repository misses package login (from shadow) for architecture armhf for Ubuntu 14.04.

Because of this debootstrap can’t create build chroot.

Need to wait till repo be fixed.

Package for Ubuntu 14.04 armhf will not be builded.

Update by 2020/01/15: This was problem caused by grep --perl-regexp issue at build machine (Ubuntu 16.04) in debootstrap.

Returned old behavior via grep -E, packages for armhf will build again.

New package – golang-bin-1.12 – 1.12.6-0sergeyd2

Repacked into deb builds from Google.

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New package – openssl111r – 1.1.1с-1sergeyd1.1

Backport from Debian Buster / Ubuntu Eoan.

Enabled support of architectures armhf and arm64.

Support Debian 9+, Devuan 2+ and Raspbian distributions.

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Package update – openssl102r – 1.0.2r-1deb8u1sergeyd4


  • New version – 1.0.2r.
  • Changed internal library version!

There may be problems with running or executing binaries from packages: php54-mod-openssl, php55-mod-openssl, php56-mod-openssl, php-mod-mongodb, php7-mod-stomp.

You need to wait till these packages will be rebuilded.

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Package update – php70 – 7.0.33-0sergeyd15.1

New upstream version – 7.0.33.

Official End-of-Life – 2019-01-10.

Changes in build scripts and dependencies.

Support of Devuan 2+.

Updated patchsets from Debian and Ubuntu.

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Package update – mysqltuner – 1.7.15+git20190521-1sergeyd3

New upstream version, update from git by 2019-05-21.

Update man page.

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