Heavy holidays in Launchpad

It seems that Launchpad took too many packages on holidays.

After downloading the packages for assembly – they stand in the queue for 10+ hours.

So you’ll have to wait until the last packages are updated at Launchpad.

Update: https://twitter.com/launchpadstatus/status/948688233029881856

The same thing as at Amazon – they update and reboot servers.

Package update and rebuild – openssl101r – 1.0.1t

Add support of armhf и arm64 architectures, and Debian 9 and Raspbian distributions.

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Package rebuild – openssl098r – 0.9.8zh

Add support of armhf and arm64 architecture, Debian 9 and Raspbian 7, 8, 9 distributions.

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Package rebuild – libwebp – 0.6.0

Add support of architectures armhf and arm64. Add Support of distributions Debian 9, Raspbian 7, 8, 9.

In Ubuntu Trusty build for arm64 – disabled NEON instructions – gcc-4.8 fails to build.

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